It's time to
Take a Stand for Yourself

"Janelle's strong presence & support of others creates the experience of being able to take a stand for ones self. It's a kind of neurological mirroring that allows others to find their own inner strength."

You don’t have to be void of fear, you just need to take the next step. 


The truth is, I’m not for everyone so let’s make sure you are in the right place. 


The people that ARE aligned with my guidance typically… 


  • Hesitate to speak their truth. 

  • Put others' needs before their own. 

  • Want to avoid conflict. 

  • Feel like they don’t matter. 

  • Can be withdrawn socially. 

  • Wish they knew the right thing to say. 

  • Feel drained by relationships. 

  • Fear doing it wrong. 

  • Experience anxiety.

  • May feel burdened by family obligations. 

  • Feel unlovable or not good enough. 

  • Abandon themselves for the comfort of others. 

  • Not confident in their own skin. 


And they want… 


  • To stand up on their own two feet. 

  • To have nourishing, healthy relationships. 

  • More confidence to fully be themselves.

  • More freedom to live the life they were meant to live.

If you are leaning in, then set up a call so I can learn more about what's happening in your world and then I can give you a game plan of exactly what to do next. 


"I always feel like Janelle has my back - like she's on my side, with no trace of judgement."


"I am so thankful Janelle. I cant even put into words how blessed I have been feeling lately and to think how you have dramatically changed my life since our first session is incredible. I am so happy we connected. You have truly impacted my life. You are an amazing woman."



"Janelle has a knack for keeping it real.
No worn-out platitudes that you normally hear from the coaching and spiritual realm.". 



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