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to Step

Into Their Power

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How to Overcome Anxiety and Overwhelm &

Step Into Your Power

What if you woke up feeling aligned and living your truth every damn day. ​

What if the anxiety, angst, and overwhelm you are experiencing are trying to tell you something... are you listening? 

Or are you distracting yourself?

Numbing out? 

What if life wasn't supposed to be one BIG struggle? 

What if many of the roadblocks that are coming up for you are actually your superpowers?


You were meant for great things my warrior friend, but you have a choice if you want to CREATE those great things. 


Your warrior mission, if you choose to accept it in this life, is to boldly walk through your fears and doubts while allowing yourself to be the most expanded, connected, loving, compassionate, badass version of yourself that truly makes a difference in the world. 


Are you up for it? 

If you feel some excitement running through your body right now, we may have some things to talk about. 


I'm Janelle Klander and I guide professionals, who are seeking something MORE...... to find alignment with their truest self, feel nourished by their relationships, and find purpose.

Because they know, if they lived their lives without those things, their final days would be filled with REGRET. 


Some years ago, I was craving all of those things and had no clue how to get there. I got to be honest, I thought I was cursed and wasn't convinced there was a way out. 

And the confusing part was my life looked great from the outside. I wondered if I was just being ungrateful. 


My dream scenario was to have someone swoop in like a superhero and say, "It's possible! Let's do it together." Then they'd hold my hand and walk me through the uncomfortable process of getting myself in alignment with who and what I was meant to be. 

Well, it didn't exactly happen like that, but now I offer that dream scenario to others. 


You are so much more powerful than you realize. Please take me seriously when I say this. I'll show you how to access more of your power to live your life completely differently.


That's kinda my specialty. 


It's something you can keep putting off, or you can grab your sword and take a courageous step forward and stop letting your doubts get in the way. 


Curious about what breakthroughs we can have together?
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Case Study: When a Therapist Needs Support with

Anxiety and Depression

Janelle is a WONDERFUL coach. I laughed, I cried, I went deep, I was vulnerable... all while feeling safe and grounded. I could 'squee' about how awesome she is all day.


I am so thankful Janelle. I cant even put into words how blessed I have been feeling lately and to think how you have dramatically changed my life since our first session is incredible. I am so happy we connected. You have truly impacted my life. You are an amazing woman.


Janelle is able to share what she has learned through her practices in an approachable and relatable way. She is great at facilitating experiences that challenge and that help nurture growth on your life's path. 


Hear What Janelle Has to Saw About The Holiday Blues...




Well, hello there, glamorous bad-ass. You leaning in towards me? Feeling curious? 


Don't  be shy.


Holla at ya girl. 


I promise I won't bite... hard.


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