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To all of you who abandon yourself
for the comfort
of others...

The real reason you aren't fulfilled: 

You are disconnected from yourself. 
You are disconnected from the people in your life.
Symptoms of disconnection from yourself… 


  • Hesitate to speak your truth. 

  • Put others' needs before your own. 

  • Want to avoid conflict. 

  • Feel like you don’t matter. 

  • Depression.

  • Anxiety.

  • Wish you knew the right thing to say. 

  • Fear doing it wrong. 

  • Fear that you are bad.

  • Experience anxiety.

  • Feel unlovable or not good enough. 

  • Abandon yourself for the comfort of others. 

  • Not confident in your own skin. 

Symptoms of disconnection in relationships...

  • Depression. 

  • Anxiety.

  • Loneliness.

  • Failed relationships. 

  • Inauthentic in relationships. 

  • May feel burdened by family obligations. 

  • Feel drained by relationships. 

  • Can be withdrawn socially. 


So what happens when you start feeling more connected?

  • You stand up on your own two feet. 

  • You have nourishing, healthy relationships. 

  • You handle conflict with ease. 

  • You feel more confident to fully be yourself.

  • You feel more freedom to live the life you were meant to live.

Look, there are a lot of things out there... 

  • You can read books. 

  • You can go to therapy. 

  • You can work with a mindset coach. 

  • You can do yoga. 

  • You can read more books. 

  • And you can still be in a similar spot to when you started... 

I don't like wasting time... 

If we are a fit to work together, I promise to lovingly stand in presence and truth with you. 

I promise to take a stand for you. 

"Janelle's strong presence & support of others creates the experience of being able to take a stand for ones self. It's a kind of neurological mirroring that allows others to find their own inner strength."

If you are leaning in, then set up a call with me.

I can help you pinpoint the exact ways that you disconnect from yourself and in relationships. (Point out some new ways you probably didn't know about it, I'm good like that.)

Then I can recommend exactly what to do next. 

The call is absolutely free. 


"I always feel like Janelle has my back - like she's on my side, with no trace of judgement."


"I am so thankful Janelle. I can't even put into words how blessed I have been feeling lately and to think how you have dramatically changed my life since our first session is incredible. I am so happy we connected. You have truly impacted my life. You are an amazing woman."



"Janelle has a knack for keeping it real.
No worn-out platitudes that you normally hear from the coaching and spiritual realm."



Success! Message received.




Well, hello there.


You leaning in towards me?

Feeling curious? 


Don't be shy.


I've been waiting to hear from you.

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