Meet Janelle

How things used to be...

I used to be depressed, severely anxious, and physically sick most of the time. I had traveled the world and ended up back at the corporate job I had left years before. I was back feeling like my strengths weren't being utilized, underappreciated and craving a career with more purpose and passion.  


Apparently, escaping to another country doesn't solve all your problems like you may think...


I realized that I had been ignoring my internal self my entire life and something had to change. I could have fun and be HAPPY, but it was fleeting. It was superficial. It didn't last. Anyone could be happy. 


Even though I made the commitment to myself for a better life, I had no idea how. 


BUT it started with THIS decision. (If you don’t have this, you should probably hold off on working with me.)


Determined to find this "way.” I become OBSESSED with all things related to healing. Spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. And I think that is one of the things that sets me apart from others. I’m analyzing and looking for connections from my own experiences as well as my clients.  I follow my curiosity in ALL of these areas where some people specialize in one of them. 


(I’m in the process of finishing my first book while parts of the next book are coming through. Stay tuned.) 


Why didn't I know these things? 

I felt like there was some conspiracy that kept all of these tools and knowledge away from me. Pretty soon, it became clear that my path was to guide others who were feeling lost, overwhelmed, and anxious who were praying for a strategy to get them unstuck and feeling more freedom and alignment on their path. 


True transformation starts with you.

I feel like I've transformed my life many times over. Each time, I learn more about who I really am. This work is a journey and I can't do it for you. But if you truly are ready, then you can do it too. 


Being ready doesn’t mean you won’t have fears and doubts, but it does mean you’ll take that next step anyway. 


If you want to learn more about me, listen to my 1st podcast episode. I go into more details of my story.  

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