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Hey, I'm Janelle.

12+ years of working with clients (1:1) has taught me a lot. 


I’ve transformed from my own personal journey which began 15 years ago, and I continue to follow the thread of my personal path and expansion every single day. 


If you knew me back them, you’d know that …..


  • I wasn’t feeling nourished in my relationships. 

  • I wasn’t feeling free to be myself.  

  • I wasn’t feeling fulfilled. 

  • I wasn’t living in the present moment. (Far from..)

  • I wasn’t feeling like I had found my place in this world. 

  • I wasn’t feeling physically healthy. 


And although I had been feeling those things for a long time, I hadn’t had clear awareness or commitment to actually change. 


(Those are truly gamechangers if you are in that place.)


So I finally made myself a priority in the highest way possible and I haven’t looked back.  


People that know me well all will say the same thing…. 

“Janelle practices what she preaches.”  

What I bring to the table for my clients has evolved. I’m not a one-technique kinda gal. Plus, depending on a client's wounding and strategies - they will need different things. 


I started off doing energy work and teaching meditation. That developed into various forms of energy work as well as teaching sacred geometry and intuition development. I studied advanced spiritual training for 9 years at a Mystery School. I began teaching eastern reiki for the Jikiden Reiki Institute headquartered in Japan. 


It felt like what was missing on this path of enlightenment, energy, ceremony, ritual, positivity, and ego evasion was something more substantial. I got curious while still learning at this Mystery School and expanding my tools and understanding. I pivoted to → if I want to be deepy spiritual and evolved, then I want to be the best, most integrated version of myself as a human – A sovereign being. 


From there I began getting curious about emotional embodiment, as I was beginning to experience emotions deeply and feel them release. I did more training on inner child work, sound healing, and chi gong. I started hosting sound healing events. I started a podcast (and now have another one.)


Simultaneously, I became fascinated with connection/communication. This first began from an experience I had learning about compassion and practicing getting someone else’s world (you can read more about in chapter 11 in my book)  and the absolute surrender and miracles that organically unfolds with this process. 2 years later I came across training on Authentic Relating and Circling which lead me to extensive training of both–  all of which only fueled my obsession with learning about how humans communicate, connect and repair. 9 years of practicing and deepening these skills and every day I learn something new that supports me in my own relationships as well as my clients’ relationships. 


I truly believe that when we have unhealthy relationships, we are unfilled in our lives. It breaks my heart to see disconnection in various forms. Learning how to consciously connect can close that distance, save relationships, and offer a more fulfilling way of being in the world. 


But of course, showing up in relationships starts as an inside game. Your ability to connect with yourself directly correlates with your ability to connect with others. 

Superficial connection to yourself creates superficial connections in relationships. 


I now teach Conscious Connection Practice, which you can experience in Foundations of Being – which strengths the connection to yourself, connection to others, unwinds whatever organically needs to be unwound, allows you to be deeply seen, and gives you tangible skills to use in your relationships outside of the experience. 


Unlike other coaches, I believe my clients' path is always rooted in their own inner wisdom – not my idea or projection or even my checklist of what I think they need to do. This is not the norm in the coaching industry BUT it’s the most empowering thing a guide can do.

And unlike other coaches, I'm not working with one technique or focusing on only one aspect of self. Instead, teaching how the individual person (wounds and strategies) can liberate themself. 


For anyone that works with me, I can promise to fully see them in their power and wisdom, while also holding them in a safe container of truth – to lovingly call them out on their BS when they need it. 


To learn a deeper understanding of where I came from, it’s written out in detail in my book - Courage to Find Purpose. 

I’ve walked my path enough to know my zone of genius: 


  1. Holding deep, sometimes uncomfortable presence. 

  2. Taking a stand for truth. 

  3. Getting to the root of an issue.

  4. Guiding to connect to sovereignty. 

  5. Facilitating conflict or deeper connection.

  6. Helping improve relationships. 

  7. Writing books that invite others to a higher level of awareness through stories, theories and hightlighting patterns.

If you feel curious about what we can create, schedule a breakthrough call with me. 

Because if you were able to figure it out on your own, you probably would have done it by now. 

"She's just so real."

"I like her because she's practical." 

"You're so relatable." 

"Your honesty is refreshing."

"I just feel like I can trust you."

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