Hey, I'm Janelle.

The Short Story is this...

Some years ago, I looked around at my life and thought... "huh, it's a pretty great life, so why am I feeling anxious and disconnected?" I just felt like something was missing. 

Some may say I just needed to be grateful and accept the moment, but I couldn't shake that something was missing...

What was I missing?

I wasn't living in alignment with my truth. 

I wasn't feeling direction, meaning, and purpose. 

I wasn't experiencing true presence. 

I wasn't feeling nourished in my relationships. 

Really, I wasn't LIVING life to the depths that I knew were possible.


And I didn't think it was possible from any examples of people in my life, I just felt it in my bones that there was more to life than I had experienced so far.   

This led me to commit myself completely to grow and transform. I gained knowledge, certifications, understandings in various forms. 

Fourteen years of diving deeply into all things transformation and I have to say, it has become obvious to me why some people stay stuck and some people soar. Even when many are in personal growth communities, they can still be absolutely stuck and have no clue why beause often the communities they are choosing are working with an ego strategy.

I started offering healings to others early on in my journey, then evolving into coaching as I learned I have great superpowers in analyzing human behavior which benefits my clients immensely. 

I show up with honestly and love for all of those I work with. Each one of my clients finds their way into my heart and never leaves.  

Want the Long Story? 

You can read my book: Courage to Find Purpose: Stories of Feeling Lost, Overcoming Anxiety, & Discovering Inner Wisdom for all the dirty deets of my journey, or at least what made sense to fit into the book. 

And if you want to hear my version from over five years ago, check out my very first podcast episode. 

"She's just so real."

"I like her because she's practical." 

"You're so relatable." 

"Your honesty is refreshing."

"I just feel like I can trust you."