Chakra Assessment


Are you getting curious about your purpose? 

Are you on the right path? 

Are you feeling like there is more to life than what you've experienced so far? 

Are you getting in your own way? ​​​

Wanna chat with me about it? 

1) Are you curious about what's happening in your aura? Want an assessment of your energy centers and a plan for what to do about it? 

2) And are you also curious about what you can do about it?  (Some people don't want to actually make changes, so I gotta ask.) 

*I'll make recommendations about working together if I think we are a good fit. 


Janelle Klander is on a mission to inspire people to live authentically. She's the host of the Badass Spiritual Warriors Podcast. She's a Jikiden Reiki Teacher, Ritual Master, Coach, Healer, Speaker, & Wedding Officiant.  She’s a dynamic teacher who guides seekers through spiritual expansion while having as much fun as possible.