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What is it? 

Facilitated session between you and someone that you want to create deeper connection with or repair with. Whether it's someone that is currently in your life or someone that is from your past that you'd like to make peace with, who is also desiring to make peace with.  Both participants will receive a clear structure going into it so that they know exactly what to expect.


Pre-check-in session for each individual party before the facilitated session. 

90-minute session is done on zoom (unless it's possible in person)

Follow-up of 15-minute sessions for either party if they need any support afterwards. 

Why set it up? 

Disconnected relationships lead to...

  • Stress.

  • Physical health issues. 

  • Depression.

  • Overall unfulfillment in life. 

  • End romantic relationships (when there is still something left.)

  • End friendships (when there is still something left.)

  • Tear families apart. 

  • Living in complacency. 

  • Accepting unhealthy relationships as normal. 

  • Missing out on joy and presence. 

Repairing is easier than you may think -- when it's facilitated. 

There are no great options out there to repair conflict in this way, so I've decided to finally put my skills out to the world.  

Please reach out to me if you are interested in this session. I'm currently updating the structure of the this process and will be facilitating discounted sessions as I do this. 

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