Get Consistent Healing

Distant Healing Package: 

4 (1-hour) Sessions a Month

3 Months Commitment


Each session you choose either

1) A physical body part(s) to focus on or

2) Something you want shift psychologically like... depression, anxiety, impatience, jealousy, judgment, disorganization, addiction, anger, resistance, blame, self sabotage, fear of speaking your truth, fear of being authentic, hopelessness, etc. 


Session times get set up at the beginning of the month. You just need to be seated or laying down. Don't operate any motor vehicles during your session. It can be a good time to meditate or take a nap. You can combine hours into 1-4 hour session or 2- 2 hour sessions if you prefer.



Monthly price: $400



What is distant healing? 


I'm in my home and you are in yours. I perform the healing by connecting to your energy. 



How can I tell it's working? 


Normally, people can feel very tired within a few minutes of the session starting. Some feel their body vibrating or they just may feel really relaxed. 


How do you know what to focus on? 


I'll get a message from you telling me what physical area OR what psychological aspect that you want to focus on. You can also choose one of each, dividing up the session between physical and psychological. 


How fast can I expect to heal from a physical ailment? 


That depends on what it is and how long you've had it. Typically acute things can clear up pretty quickly. Sometimes in 1 session, sometimes 3 sessions. 


If it's chronic, it may take more sessions depending on how long you've been experiencing it. You can still feel relieved after the first session, but it will probably take more sessions to really heal it. 


When can I schedule it? 


At the beginning of the month, we'll schedule your sessions times. If something comes up, and you need to be somewhere during your session, I can also perform your session while you sleep.


Will we be on the phone during the session? 


We don't need to be on the phone. I'll send you a message to make sure that you are ready to start. After the session, I'll send you a message that I'm done and anything other information I want to pass on to you. 


How does it work when we aren't in the same place? 


It's easy to tap into someone energy when they aren't with you. I was skeptical that it would work when I first learned. I had set up sometimes to receive distant healing. I forgot about the session my first time and was talking to a friend on the phone. I immediately felt disconnected from my conversation and wanted to sit down.  I felt so relaxed. That's when I remembered that my friend was sending me healing. I quickly got off the phone and gave myself some space to receive the session. 


Can I share my sessions with anyone else? 


Yes, you are welcome to gift your sessions to friends or family. Just let me know before the session so I know who and what to focus on. 


Fun Fact....  Japanese women would use this session to send healing to their husbands during WW2. They used it to support them and also to tell if they were still alive. 


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