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Let's strengthen your foundation & connection to the world...

"This is a wonderfully uncomfortable experience that really can impact your relationships and help in all areas of your life."

- Kaitlin
"After doing Foundations, I feel more love. And a more
secure feeling of being in the world!"

- Jenna

We can trace back all of our stressors to a lack of foundation.

If you want to learn how to connect better in your relationships... 

If you want to discover your blind spots... 

If you want to get clear on blocks that are getting in the way of creating the life you desire...

If you want to unwind past baggage...

If you want to have more intimacy in your life...

If you want to relate better in those moments where you don't know what to say...

If you want to stand up for yourself more...

If you want to gain more confidence being in your own skin...

If you want to be MORE YOU...

.......Then this is for you. 


What is it? 

Access to Foundations Video Training For 1 Year 

4 - Facilitated (90-minute) group sessions of 4 people

2 - (45-minute) individual sessions to follow up and support and deepen your experience. 




"It has allowed me to have deeper connections in my life."

- Dwight
"It was a new experience for me. Something that even countered my beliefs so what I gained was the ability to step into a new perspective or a new way of expression."

- Jeffro
"I would encourage anyone to experience this course as it teaches us so much about ourselves with others in a safe environment. It allows us to experience what really exists beyond the initial discomfort of opening ourselves up to being vulnerable."

- Caroline


The time will be agreed upon among the 4 people. And individual sessions will be selected by you from various openings. 

Cost: $597

"I just had a profound shift in a session facilitated by Janelle. She guides with courage, confidence, and kindness. I always feel like she has my back - she's on my side, with no trace of judgement."

- Laila
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