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My Story.... 

This is how I magically stumbled upon this session…..

I woke up one morning feeling horrible. Why?! I had been doing what I thought to be right? I was meditating. I was reading self help books. I was (trying) to use the law of attraction.

I needed something more.

I didn’t know what it was and I was getting angry.

I got up and with tears in my eyes, I prayed and commanded that the divine give me something more. I knew there was more to life than what I was experiencing.

That day, I went downtown to an expo called – The Edge Life Expo. I had never been before. I didn’t know anyone going. I just felt like I was supposed to go.

So there I was, sitting in the back of the room of a class that was about to start. This class ‘Activating your Spiritual DNA’ was not what I had marked down to attend, but there I was.

At the beginning of class, the woman said there were going to draw a name of someone who would win a free DNA Activation.

I chuckled to myself. Thinking… “Ok, if this is what you brought me here for, then call my name.”

“Janelle Klander,” she said.

I received the session. I left not quite understanding what the session had done for me.  Was I different?

The following week I noticed that I was feeling a deeper connection to the world. For someone that was in a deep depression – this was huge! 

What it can do for you...

* Boost your innate abilities
* Create healthy boundaries
* Spark forward motion in your life
* Access your potential
* Connect more directly to your higher self
* Positively shift how you make decisions
* Permanently reduce stress
* Break through old / limiting thought patterns
* Re-prioritize the important things in life: especially yourself!
* Clear Family Lineage. 

What Others Have to Say...

 “I am really amazed by how calm and strong I have been. My yin yoga instructor exclaimed…oh my god! You are so different! You are all strong and your aura is so much brighter! Thank you, so much!”

– Phaedra, Minneapolis, MN

“I’ve felt such a positive shift in my awareness. I just want to ride this awesome wave now!”

– Lumina, St. Paul, MN

“The Life Activation really opened me up to my own potential.”

– Ora, St. Paul, MN

Depression and Anxiety —



Raise your hand if you’ve ever struggled or still struggle with depression or anxiety?


Yep. We all do.


I’ve seen this session help transform people who were suffering from depression and anxiety. I’ve seen someone who was suffering from social anxiety and depression – literally transform over night from the session where people were asking… “What happened to him? He changed over night?”


I’ve seen people who suffered from depression… or a lack of fulfillment, become passionate about life.


“I’m much more calm and am able to manage stress in a much more positive way.”

– Megan, Minneapolis, MN.


“Tears were brought to my eyes by the end of the session; I felt so much more emotionally open than I had experienced in a long time.” -Alex, Minneapolis, MN


Better Relationships — 


Now I’ve heard this from most people that have received this session. When we change, our life changes. I’ve heard people say their romantic partnership was so much better than before. I’ve also heard of co-workers that were normally an issue, suddenly there was no issue.


 Healthier Eating Habits — 


Some notice they suddenly are making healthy choices in life… and not as a chore – it just comes naturally to eat good foods for the body. I’ve also heard that people that feel their body image improved.


“I have found myself making healthier choices and taking better care of my body. Also, the reading at the end of the session provided insight into what I am here to do and a boost of energy to continue along my path. Overall it was very transformational. ” – Genevieve, Minneapolis, MN”


Better Connection to the Light — 


If you want to receive a better connection in meditation and connect better to that inner guidance that is just waiting to tell you what to do next – this session if for you.


I have to admit, there have been a few that say they aren’t able to see a difference. One women that received a session from me said this, followed by – “But I’m feeling an inner peace that haven’t felt before.”

“I feel overall more alive, more self aware. In a healing sense, just more accepting of my choices and past events. I’m also more confident in what the future holds. I’m grateful I stumbled upon this.”  

– Dane, Minneapolis, MN

"It was definitely worth the money. I feel a lot more confident and awake. It helped me to understand what I need to work on too. It's been easier to meditate." - Mary


Do I have to understand what it is for it to work?


No. I didn’t know what it was when i received it. It’s effectiveness is the same whether you understand it or not. The session is not scary – as I walk you through it.  Essentially, it’ll help balance your energies better. 

What can I expect during the session?


The session requires you to stand or sit, which I will guide you through. It’s typically a very relaxing feeling during the session. Everyone experiences things differently during the session. After the session is complete we talk about everything you’ve experienced and I help answer questions and offer guidance if needed.


What’s included in the session?


This session includes chakra balancing, negative crystal removal, crown cap removal, life activation, and a life purpose reading. You don’t have to understand any of those things before you come. You are able to ask questions as we go along, but typically people feel comfortable with each step.

Do I need to do anything to prepare?


No. And no experience with prior healing sessions is required. Just come with an open mind and heart!


What type of things do people report to you after the session?


Most people report that they feel more confident in their life which has a positive influence on every aspect of their life. People see practical results, most not clearly understanding what the life activation session was beforehand.

Where does this session come from? 


It comes from the Lineage of King Solomon and was designed to help awaken people to their divine blueprint and remembering their power and who they really are. 


Why receive it more than once?


It helps you hold energy better–  So you don’t feel so stressed and overwhelmed. It helps you to keep growing and evolving. It gives you a ‘jump start’ to make choices that are more aligned with who you are.  It’s good to keep those codons filled with light so that you are able to do this. You’ll know when you need to receive another session. I recommend receiving it 1-2 times a year for balancing.



“Wow, have things been happening… good things. I feel like I have been realigned and am moving on a smoother more life enhancing path. Thank you sooooo much for the healing.”

– Shelby, Minneapolis, MN

Inner Peace – Can I get me some more of that please?


“The whole experience, words are hard to find. Need to experience yourself.”    

 – Ashley, Red Wing, MN



This Session Includes: 

22- strand DNA Activation
16-Petal Lotus Balancing
Magnetic Line Balancing
Chakra Balancing
Negative Crystal Removal
Life purpose reading


Investment: $200


If your inner guidance is saying…
“Do this!” – then let’s set up a session. Why wait?
Let’s get you activated. 
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