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In her new book, Klander shares how she realized she was living a life that everyone around her expected her to live, so she quit her job, broke up with her boyfriend, and moved to a country where she didn’t speak the language and didn’t know anyone. 


Many people dream of escapism to get away from overwhelm and anxiety and Klander made it happen. Did it solve her problems? Not Exactly. But the decision further down her path to examine her own suffering and questioned mainstream ways with dealing with anxiety.

Readers can expect to feel like they aren’t alone and be inspired by Klander’s stories as she felt anxious and depressed, but ultimately learned to stop listening to other people’s opinions, trusted her intuition, and found purpose.

“First, my breaths got shorter. The fear intensified, and terror filled my body.

Then a voice inside me said, “This anxiety is NOT you. You will NOT always have it,” and my body filled with hope—replacing the terror that had just been there. I had hope that this wasn’t who I really was at my core. I felt confident that I could find another way to free myself of my anxiety beyond what even professionals believed.”

Courage to Find Purpose: Stories of Feeling Lost, Overcoming Anxiety, and Discovering Inner Wisdom authored by Coach, Healer, and Podcast Host, Janelle Klander is now available on Amazon for $14.99 for paperback and $8.99 on Kindle. 


Janelle Klander is an author, coach, healer, and podcast host who has followed her curiosity and intuition away from mainstream advice on anxiety while simultaneously becoming determined with finding purpose. She now uses her effective approach to guide seekers to overcome stuckness and become aligned with their truest self.

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