With Me

Ok, so you found your way to THIS page because some part of you is curious about working with me.


I believe that your curiosity is part of your intuition leading you. 


BUT..... I'm NOT for everyone so let's do a little preliminary screening to save both of us some time.


 We  are NOT a fit if.... 

* You just want to 'try' meditating a few times this year. 

* You aren't able to wrap your head around creating your dream life. 

* You think your life is 'fine' the way it is. 

* You are unwilling to get out of your comfort zone. 

* You believe you are a victim of your circumstances and no one can 'save' you.

* You feel sorry for yourself. 

* You believe that you know it all already.

* You don't want to make your internal well-being a priority. 

* You are just looking to get another certification under your belt without looking deep into your own internal workings..

We are a fit if.... 

* Even if you are totally new to meditation and personal growth, you feel an openness and readiness to explore!

* You feel like there is something that you've been 'missing' in your life and have a craving to find it. 

* You have a knowing that there is more to life. 

* You are ready to step outta your comfort zone. 

* You are ready to stop letting fear stop you.

* You are ready to take responsibility for your life. 

* You want to live life with purpose. 

* You are ready for life's magick! 

* You feel ALL IN in making this happen!

Some frequently asked questions... 


Do I need any prior experience to work with you? 


Nope. As long as you show up with openness, I'll walk you through the process. 


That didn't scare you off?


Then let's set up a 'Clarity Session' where I'll walk you through what's holding you back, what you want, and an action plan of how to get there. And if I think I can get you to where you want to go, then I'll talk about what I have to offer. 

Current Offerings...

Jan 2019 -- Online school with videos, activities, group Q & A, and support lasting 4 months. Lifetime access to the material. Make this, your MOST BADASS YEAR YET. Click here to Reserve Your Spot.

Spots Available -- I have 2 spots available to work with me in the flesh. Right now, these spots are for those that are willing to see me in Minneapolis 3 times a month for at least 3 months. Learn more. 

Breakthrough Session

Tired of the same old strategies that aren't working?

Ready to get a step by step game plan? 

Set up a Free Chat with Janelle. 

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