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Life Changing


Sovereign Expansion 

This is for those who are fully ready to transform their lives and relationships by receiving extra 1:1 support as well as facilitated sessions with anyone in your life that you would like to receive support in repair or just want a deeper level of intimacy. 

6 Months: 

6  90-minute Sessions throughout the year facilitated with a loved one or someone to repair or create a deeper connection

12 one-to-one sessions

Warrior School Video Training (Lifetime access)

12 Q & A Sessions

Voice Message Support through Whatsapp

Bonus: (After 6 months) Ongoing Monthly Training 

Investment: $9,997

Prior to working with Janelle I was a hot mess emotionally, suffering from extreme anxiety. I initially went in trying to solve my anxiety problem, however the course unwrapped problems that I hadn’t considered. She just showed so much compassion and really understood me. Something I had never really experienced with so much intention. The amount of tools provided really exceeded my expectations. I was thinking that it might be the same as other courses. 

School of Sovereignty

If you want to step into their sovereignty in new ways while being part of the community for years to come. If you want to stand up for yourself in life and relationships -- this is for you. 


12 Weeks

Video Training (Lifetime Access)    

12 Group Integration Sessions

Scheduled Partner Integration Sessions

Special-made flower remedies  

Special-made journal prompts to support with contemplation & integration

Voice message support through whatsapp 

Bonus: After school is completed, you are part of the community and get continual monthly training and support. 

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If you want to practice connecting to yourself and others to create space for the unwinding of old patterns, deeper clarity on your life path, understanding of how to improve relationships, and just overall more empowerment. 

  • 4 Sessions of Group- Conscious Connection Practice 

  • 2 45-minute one-to-one sessions

  • Email Support

Investment: $597

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"I overcame my latent fear by understanding it. I learned to communicate authentically. I learned to trust my intuition. I'm showing up with more power and intention in all areas of my life."

- Kai

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