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My First Reiki Experience: Why my friend thought I was using drugs

I was in Ko Phangan, Thailand standing in front of a ‘menu’ of options at a healing center on the backpacker island. I was advised by a fellow traveler that Reiki was a good option if I had never experienced any of the healings before.

I was drawn to this talk of ‘healing’ and ‘energy’ so I decided to experience it for myself even though I had no idea what it meant.

Before I knew it, I found myself lying on a wood floor while a Thai man made tones down the middle of my body and placed his hands on various parts of my body.

I was immediately relaxed. I remember thinking.. ‘How could I be this relaxed after laying on a hard floor in a strange place within minutes?’

Something was going on that I couldn’t explain. My body felt fuzzy. I loved the energy.

I was aware of everything that was happening. I felt like the session was finished at one point, but no one said anything to me so I stayed laying down. I had no idea of how much time had passed.

3 hours later they gave me a nudge and I walked out the healing center in a fuzzy state. For the first time I felt solemn and peaceful. Words didn’t seem necessary.

I just felt like being. I sat near the ocean for a few minutes, then remembered that my friend knew I left hours ago so I walked back to our bungalow in case she was worried about me.

She opened the door and I looked at her completely calm, emotionless. A dog had followed me home and sat behind me as she opened the door.

She had a surprised look on her face. She asked me how everything went.

I didn’t know how to respond at the time. Now I realized I wasn’t grounded enough to describe what I had experienced.

I told her that I’d explain more tomorrow but i didn’t feel like talking much right now.

She understood, but was still confused.

“Your pupils are huge. Were you taking drugs?” She accused me.

I looked in the mirror. She was right, my pupils were big in our lite bungalow.

I was a bit shocked myself, but didn’t care too much. I just felt calm about everything in my life. Something great was happening.

Everyone has different experiences with Reiki. I can’t say exactly how you’ll feel after a session of Reiki.

This was my first experience and I could feel that my mind and body loved it. I felt like my body was saying.. “Yes! More please!”

So when I returned home from Thailand, I decided to try more ‘healings’ and read as many books as I could about holistic health and healing. I told myself that my top priority was my mental, emotional and physical health. And why shouldn’t it be? I didn’t want to keep pushing through life, only enjoying parts and not really understanding why I was here.

Since then I’ve seen huge changes in my life. I never knew my life could feel like this. I never knew I could feel this spiritually connected. I never knew I could feel content with where I was going and my purpose in all of this.

Since I never knew all of this before and I know there are a lot of people out there that would love to see these changes in their life as well, I have felt called to share everything I’ve learned with the world and also sharing the beautiful Reiki energy.

Please comment below and tell me any experiences you’ve had where you have felt like your body and mind were saying.. “Yes, more please!” How have your listened or not listened?

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