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Experiment: What Happens When You Talk to Rice? Day 30

30 days have passed: Here are the results. Watch my first video here.

At first I was getting worried that the rice would be similar to one another. Then 30 days came and changes happened.


“I love you” — Pretty white and fluffy.

“You Fool!” — It’s all mushing together and has turned watery.

Ignored Rice — Not as bad as the “You Fool” rice, but still watery and mushy.

Please share my 30 day results with others!

The experiment is still going on, so share the result and sign up to receive the results.

In case you want to buy the book, here it is:

Thanks so much and comment below with your reaction.What do you think of the 30 day results? What do you think will happen in 30 more days? How aware are you of your thoughts and words?


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