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Weekly Podcast Launched!! Episode 1, 2, and 3 Released


For the past 6 months, I’ve had signs and encouragement to be bigger this year. I decided to be more authentic— (scary!!) So here I am, launching a weekly podcast called — Badass Spiritual Warriors where I share stories and insight that are openhearted, inspiring and bold. Some weeks I’ll have amazing, wise and funny guests (because I know so many people that have good stuff to share)!

Rebranding of Badass Spiritual Warriors

When I decided on this name, it was scary for me. I loved it and was scared of the criticism that it’d get. I mean, being more authentic also means that some people just ain’t gonna like what you are putting out there. But let’s be honest, there will always be people that will like and not like your stuff so you might as well be REAL when you do it.

Some people will be offended by ‘Badass’ and Spiritual next to each other. I get that. But some people will see that and think – HELL YEAH! THAT IS ME. Some of these people will be more inspired to dive deep into awareness and understanding of who they are, where they are going and how they can contribute to the world.

A Badass Spiritual Warrior…..

Radiates confidence. Accepts what is. Forgive when resentment resides. Shows vulnerability even when his/her ego says not to. Lets go when something no longer serves them. Allows tears as they release and show strength. Breathes in life with a heart wide open. Honors the earth. Sees oneness in his/her neighbor. Meditates regularly. Loves him/herself. Feels worthy of love from others. Celebrates life. Knows thyself. Expresses him/herself freely. Cares about all beings on earth. Makes eye contact. Realizes it’s human to make mistakes. Learns from his/her mistakes. Follows his/her dreams. Feels gratitude on a daily basis. Plays like a child. Takes responsibility like an adult. Manifests his/her dreams. Learns and grows with a heart wide open.

My Mission: I want to show people that you can be this Badass Spiritual Warrior in your modern life. That the more you unleash him/her, the more in pure joy you will be. Will you still have ups and downs as a human -yes. But you will also have awareness and understanding of what it takes to handle these ups and downs like a true champ.

Here are the first 3 Episodes:

Episode 1: Janelle’s Story – Listen Now

Everyone’s got a story. Everyone. I want you to really understand my journey. Can you relate to it? Did anything inspire you? Please share in the comments below.

Episode 2: Forgiveness Makes you Feel Good – Listen Now

Forgiveness isn’t something people want to talk about. Why? Because holding on to that resentment towards _______________ (Fill in the blank) feels so good! Wrong! — But our ego thinks it does. Forgiving someone actually feels so much better.

Home Play:

1) Who is someone your heart needs to forgive? (Trust the first person that comes to mind. It will be someone that you don’t want to put your energy to…. again, this is the ego.

2) Sit quietly. Take some deep breaths with your eyes closed. See this person in front of you. Keep taking deep breaths. Begin to open your heart to this person. See your heart shining a light on them. Focus on the light and your breath cleansing you, them, and the resentment that was there. Feel compassion for them, as they are a human that makes mistakes. They may not have known better than to hurt you. Keep sending them energy from your heart until you feel done.

3) What do you need to forgive yourself about? What’s difficult about letting this go? Why do you feel that you need to be punished? What would it take to have compassion for yourself?

4) Sit quietly. Take some deep breaths with your eyes closed. Begin to open your heart. Feel self love and forgiveness for yourself. See where you were coming from when you made this choice. Open your heart with compassion for yourself. Truly feel forgiveness for yourself. Know that you are human and that it’s ok to make mistakes. Learning from it is what will set you apart. Set yourself free from this self resentment.

Episode 3: Finding your Inner Voice with Molly Robertson – Listen Now

Molly is someone I instantly connected with. After meeting, we spent the next couple days together in Mexico and we chatted non-stop. We had so much to talk about. We had so much to relate to. I saw so much of myself in her and I really felt like she ‘got’ me. Do you have a friend like that?

Molly is pretty Badass. She’s a Speaker, Coach, Blogger, and Yoga Instructor in the UK. She spreads some serious light. I had to have her as my first guest. We talk about a ‘Finding your Inner Voice.’ Molly shares some juicy stories and insightful information. I guarantee you’ll walk away with some good stuff.

Listening to your Inner Voice:

– We suggest to listen. Yeah, you were looking for a more difficult answer weren’t you? Seriously listen to your soul.

-Trust what you hear and feel. When something is real we feel it everywhere. You have all the answers. Trust. Trust. Trust.

-Meditate- Sit and be still. This is where you’ll quiet your mind to find all of the answers. You may not find the answer you are looking for while you meditate, but it will come soon after asking.

Love– Molly and Janelle

Molly’s details:

Please share your comments and insights below. :)

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