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Ep 4: Self Awareness is Power with Ryan Peterson

Self Awareness is Power!

One week after launch! Whoa! I’m blessed and honored to have so many people who have listened. (I can see how many people have listened.) I was excited and scared to launch. And here we are a week later and I’ve been scheduling so many interviews with amazing/interesting people I think you’ll like too.

This week I chatted with a good friend of mine – Ryan Peterson and we chat about self awareness.

Awareness is Power: We go about our day. We have thoughts, reactions, and some repeated experiences. Have you ever thought about what it means? What is actually happening?

Awareness for physical pain and illness: Do you bring your awareness when you are sick? Or have a headache? Does something always come up with you? What is your body actually telling you? Emotional-Mental-Physcial-Spiritual are all connected.

Louise Hay has made this idea very popular. She is a well-respected author and speaker. She’s still being a Badass Spiritual Warrior at 88. (Louise- if you are reading this now, can I interview you on the show? ) :) She’s sold over 40 million copies of “You Can Heal Your Life.” Ryan and I recommend. You can either grab the book or the app here.

Ryan Peterson Lives in Minneapolis where he loves connecting people to their passions, each other, and big ideas. When he’s not doing that, he works as a realtor. He also collects absurd coffee mugs and postcards. He’s just an overall cool dude.

Contact details for working with this guy on buying a house: 612-616-5720 or

Ask him anything about self awareness below or just say hi. :)

Have you become more aware of things in your life? Are you afraid to? Let’s chat about it below.

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