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Ep 7: Astrology – The Real Deal: Debunking Sun Signs and the Zodiac with Adam Wolter

Let’s talk about Astrology. And not just reading horoscopes and seeing if our sun signs are compatible with our crush– Adam Wolter is going to help us Debunk Astrology and teach us what it’s REALLY about.

Sun signs do play a part. But they are simply a part of it all. Can a 1/12 of the population really all be the same?

I never bought into sun signs. I never felt like I could fit into that box of being a pisces. Really, there are so many things playing a part to who we are. Adam also didn’t believe in astrology, until he actually learned what it’s truth was. Now he understands it at a deep level and helps others understand it.

TO KNOW THYSELF IS POWER. Once we understand where we’ve come from, what we’ve been through, where we are at, and where the heck we are going… then we’ll start to understand this crazy world we signed up for. (Yes, you signed up to be here right now. It is no accident.) Understanding your astrology is all part of it.

Listen now:

Learn something? Have more questions? Comment below.

Adam Wolter is an evolutionary astrologer of 15 years, who offers personal guidance, teaches classes and workshops, and facilitates the Minneapolis Astrology Monthly Meetup group. He posts regular astro-weather updates, and invites individuals and organizations to “nourish their skyroots” by honoring all of the love from above. He can be reached at (612)237-6690

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