Ep 8: How Not To Take Things Personally with Emma Juniper

How Not to Take Things Personally with Emma Juniper

We all do it.

We take things personally.

When we look at life with a narrow view – it makes sense to take things personally, judge and blame.

BUT what if we look at life from a broader perspective? Then all of sudden we realize that we are getting emotionally triggered for one reason and the other person has their own things going on and what they said or did really has NOTHING TO DO WITH US.

Self Awareness is a big part of this. Listen to Episode 4 where I chat with Ryan Peterson about this.

I’m so excited to share my conversation with Emma Juniper today about How Not to Take Things Personally.

Are you ready?

What did you learn? What did you think? Let’s chat in the comments below!!!!

Emma Juniper is an Emotional Mastery Expert and Transformational Retreat Facilitator. She assists visionary leaders in achieving authentic freedom, dream relationships, and fast-tracking radical purpose-filled success. Juniper’s teachings were created primarily from her rapid self-empowerment journey after an intense abusive relationship resulting in trauma triggers, codependency, and floundering in emotional overwhelm. Her services are also infused with her studies and certifications in Kundalini Yoga, Quantum Touch, Sufism, Alchemy Permaculture, Lomi Lomi, Toltec and worldwide travels.

Today Juniper gracefully and boldly leads worldwide retreats, online courses, group coaching, workshops to rapidly transform drama, stress and confusion into magic, ease, and liberation. Additionally she is CEO of Kejiwa, an artisan alchemy company in Sedona. She is a mystic priestess of soul awakening empowerment who passionately designs powerful breakthrough experiences for her clients both in the US and internationally.

Some unique fun facts about her: She used to represent the Youth and Children of the World at the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development, her HugTheWorld Photo Series was shown on an A&E reality tv show. Visit her website.

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