Ep 9: Let’s Talk about Honor with Jesse Bloom

May 12, 2015


I ran into Jesse Bloom in Toronto at a recertification training we were both attending. I knew this guy had something to offer Badass Spiritual Warriors and when i asked him what he wanted to speak about…. he said, “honor.”


Honor isn’t something the average person gives much thought to. But what if we did think and talk about honor more? (comment below!)



Interested in learning more about honor? 


If you are interested in learning how Honor can affect your most challenging relationships, improve your communication skills, help you be a better leader, boss, employee, partner, friend, or simply start having more fun, I’d like to share a 15 minute Honoring conversation with you.In this conversation you will:

-Get a preliminary understanding of what Honor is and how it can be a force for transformative good.

-Receive my perspective on one important life issue or relationship and how Honor it could benefit you and shift your circumstance.

-Discover opportunities to connect to Honor Coaching and this work as it grows and develops.

If you are interested in learning more, simply respond to jessebloom78@gmail.com or PM me at the FB invite, and I’ll be in touch to schedule.


About Jesse Bloom:  My passion in life is to make a difference by bringing people into connection and harmony with themselves, their loved ones, and their communities. I have explored this passion through fathering, cooking for the masses, entrepreneurship, martial arts, working with children, men’s work, and lots of dancing.


I bring this eclectic background and years of spiritual practice to my Honor Coaching practice. This system helps people reclaim a sense of their purpose, passion, and connection to themselves while deeply honoring the most important and challenging relationships in their life.  Jesse can be reached at 510-393-0089 orjessebloom78@gmail.com.


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