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Ep 15: Create Your Dream Life with Steffani LeFevour

What do you want to create in YOUR life?

Manifest like a BADASS with the help of this warrior friend of mine- Steffani.

She’s smart, sexy, and has been manifesting some cool shit.

Hear her 4 simple steps to create your dream life…..

Steffani LeFevour wants to live in a world surrounded by happy, healthy, powerful women who take responsibility for their lives, step into their own greatness, and who ride their own unicorns home from work.

As a happiness coach, she helps busy women work through their limiting beliefs and master the law of attraction so they can create from a space of what they WANT and they can find more daily happiness. She’s been featured on webinars, and interviews with other world-renowned speakers. She speaks at retreats and conferences worldwide and most importantly she’s never missed one of her son’s baseball games.

When she’s not chasing after her 2 kids, you can find her writing, teaching, laughing, singing and coaching one on one clients.

Her first program — The 4 Simple Steps To Manifest Anything — hits the Internet on August 13th.

Find out how to release your limiting beliefs, improve your relationships and master the law of attraction at

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