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Ep 18: Wisdom From a 90 Year Old Woman I Just Met Today

I met this woman from Austin, TX at 1pm on the streets of downtown Minneapolis.

She was trying to figure out what bus to take from downtown Minneapolis to get to the U of Minnesota to swim in a competition put on by the Senior Games. (Something that my own mother would be too scared to do on her own.)

I offered her a ride since it was near my house. She graciously accepted. On the way to her swim competition she shared much about her life. By the time I dropped her off, I thought this new friend was my new role model. ( I saw so much of myself in her – yes I want to be like you!)

I asked her if I could interview her for my podcast and she said, “yes.”

I asked her if she knew what a podcast was and she said, “no.”

She told me to pick her up at 5:30 pm that day. (I loved how she didn’t try to overthink our meeting or what day would be best… just saying YES to life.)

I pick her up at 5:30 and she’s got a gold medal around her neck and a big smile on her face.

What blew me away about Sara is that she was going with the flow — so effortlessly. She didn’t get in her head about understanding what anything was, it clearly felt right to her and she did it.

She figured out what made her happy and then she did that as much as she could.

She is an athlete at 90 years old. (Hell yeah!)

This woman is on facebook. I sent her a friend request — Hoping she’ll accept! After all, I think we are friends now.

By the way… the Senior Games are now part of my 70 + aspirations.

I connected with Sara a few days later and she now had 4 medals & and 2 broken records. How awesome is she?

What Sara shares in the interview….

  • What makes her happy

  • This one surprising thing she does everyday

  • The hardest thing after losing a spouse

  • What gives her hope

  • The secret to a happy marriage (was married 67 years)

  • What it takes to “feel” young

  • What brightens her life

  • Her worst habit she’s left in the past

  • The one time almost gave up on life and what kept her going

  • And most importantly – HOW TO GET A GUY TO PROPOSE TO YOU!

*I did this interview in my sunroom so there is a bit more noise than normal.

Here is it:

Sara’s 90th Birthday video:

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