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Ep 20: How to Bring the Festival Vibes to Every Day Life

So you just got back from an EDM Festival….. now what?

Every festival I go to, I hear the same thing…. why can’t normal life be like festival life?

In today’s episode I decided to talk about how you can create the fabulous, free festival feeling in your own life.

Summer Set Music Festival

I just got back from Summer Set Music Festival in Somerset, WI. People like festivals because they feel free, loved, and connected.

Our hearts are a bit more open. Our connects run a little bit deeper. We feel community. We feel like are apart of a family.

Have you ever tried to explain a festival experience with a friend that wasn’t there? It’s pretty hard to explain. There is a certain magic that happens at an event like that. Then we get home and we often feel disconnected. Our own hearts have closed up. We may even feel less ‘magic.’

Create What You Want

Lucky for you, there is a way to create all of those good vibes in your own life. Most of the reason why we feel disconnected is that we have created a belief that what we experienced is over and it can only be experienced in that setting. We have created a block to creating a feeling in our own life.

The only person that stops us from creating the life we want… is us.

Have a listen and comment below sharing what is something you can do this week to create the festival vibe in your own life.

How to listen? Stream below. Find on itunes. Find on Stitcher.

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