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Ep 21: Let’s Talk About Rape with Sarah Hauch

I decided that I wanted to talk about Rape on my podcast. I can say that it’s a topic that’s been talked about more recently, but not enough and not in the right way.

As you may believe – rape sucks. It’s not fair and it sucks.

There is a ton of shame around it and many people are too scared of speaking up about it.

What’s considered rape is also a wide spectrum. What is considered rape?

More importantly, how the hell do you heal from it?

You know I’m all about healing. It’s soooo important. If we don’t heal, it stays with us.

This week’s episode is a raw conversation about rape with Badass Spiritual Warrior – Sarah Hauch.

Sarah is a Guide, Teacher & Healer with the Modern Mystery School. She travels across Canada and Internationally to bring classes, healings & ceremonies to people. Her passion has led her to run programs in fortune 500 companies, a regular guest on TV, to open her own healing center, Temple23, in Toronto, and to start her own online meditation company. You can find her online at

Have a listen and don’t forget to share it with some friends that you think could get something out of it.

So here it is….

Gotta an iphone? Grab the episodes here and listen whenever you want.

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