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Ep 22: Tapping Into Your Creativity with Alison Price

Alison Price has been an artist as long as she can remember. Early artistic endeavors involved melting crayons on warm lightbulbs, dripping food coloring on the family’s supply of tissue, and plucking interesting patterns on her Mom’s prized chenille bedspread.

The family survived these creative forays, and actually encouraged more!

Alison is always looking for intriguing uses of color and light and how it relates to human emotion. Her art is the combination of all her passions: travel, light, color, the environment, meeting and befriending new people worldwide, Alison believes “it is our similarities which make us comfortable, and our differences that make us interesting”. This belief about human connections is readily apparent in her work.

Alison holds a BA degree in Studio Art from Augsburg College Minneapolis, and a MA Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin.

Alison’s work is collected nationally and internationally, including a recent collection purchased by the FBI for their new Twin Cities headquarters. Both the Twin Cities Ballet and Ballet Royale have choreographed dances inspired by her art. Check her out.

Meet her in person at 1500 Jackson Street NE Mpls. MN 55413

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