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[Warrior Night] Self Love

This month we are talking about something every single person can benefit from hearing about- SELF LOVE. Just in time for the lovey month of the year. Cuz you gotta fill up your cup with love before you have anything else to give to a partner.

Self love is good for SOOO many reasons, so let’s have a warrior night about it and hear what our panel has to say.

Meet our Panel: Sheena Cleopatra Rachel Schwartz Jaina Portwood

Artist: Rachel Braun — Check out her instagram.

Upcoming events:

For Valentines Day!

Feb 14th Create a Sacred Space – Sacred Geometry

April 2nd and 3rd – Warrior Weekend

And stay tuned for Sheena’s meditation class announcement on facebook. Book mentioned: Love

Movie: fyi– It’s on Netflix too.

What the bleep do we know

Love Thy Selfie:

Next Warrior Night is March 2nd 7-9pm, Modus Locus.

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