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Ep 36: Return to Sisterhood with Shelli Mullins

I really enjoyed my conversation with Shelli. I would describe her as “sweet and empowered.” She’s created space for a tribe of women to come together online. It’s truly inspiring.

There is a shift happening with the way women interact. How can we get out of judgement and comparison of other women and move into support and inspiration? How can we be more open and vulnerable in this world? Who will give us permission to be our messy selves in this world? How can we create more communities to make this happen?

Hear her story with create this group and how she got to where she is now.

Shelli Mullins: I homestead on a small organic farm in Elburn, Illinois. I grew up in the Midwest and credits it for my ability to adapt and persevere. A love of self expression and creativity led me into the beauty industry. I co-own a salon and apothecary with my lifelong best friend. Women’s work has always been very close to my heart. Creating community is my life’s purpose. I have been married to my soulmate for 16 years and we have three beautiful children. Our farm is our joy and we appreciate every moment.

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