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Ep 37: Resilience: When you have a Shitty Childhood

Nikki Townsend is the founder of Camp Grown Ass Women, a women’s empowerment camp in Minnesota. As a child, Nikki was the victim of extensive abuse and, after leaving home, spent nearly three years homeless during her early teens and abused drugs for several years before developing a successful performance career. She ultimately got clean, healed and hopes to help others break the barriers preventing them from reaching their goals.

Nikki believes that her negative experiences shaped her personality and passion and that by accepting, forgiving and understanding we can utilize what seems difficult to create a better life for ourselves. We each have the resilience to recover from devastating situations and understand that pain, loss, humiliation or guilt may be part of our lives, but it does not define us. We can let go and be happier!

Nikki is also the mother of three crazy kids, lives in Minneapolis and when she’s not working or momming, she can be found riding her bike, drinking a whiskey, doing yoga or out in the woods camping, hunting, fishing or hiking.

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