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Ep 25: Let’s Talk About Miscarriages with Sheena Burnside


It can feel like a tough subject to talk about. Most families grieve in silence. It triggers a deep depression for many.

This makes me think that many don’t come to terms with their loss.

Everyone knows someone that has gone through a miscarriage.

When I saw that October was bring awareness to Miscarriages… I knew that I had to do an episode on this subject. I think it’s beautiful that people were talking about it more openly, but I still had the desire to go deeper with the subject of losing a baby. I wanted to have a discussion about the spiritual aspect of what’s happening when a baby doesn’t come through.

What does happen with a baby spirit doesn’t come through?

How can you properly heal after the loss?

I wanted to discuss these things further and fortunately, I have a Badass Spiritual Warrior friend that has gone through this. I knew her awareness was different that most and her experiences and story would help others heal.

This week, Sheena Burnside shares her story of miscarriage.

I think it’s important for more people to share their story. It takes courage to share your story and it also allows you to heal on deeper levels.

Listen to this episode and please share this on social media and with those that have gone through this.

And comment below to give Sheena a shout out of how this inspired, healed, or empowered you.

Sheena is a certified life activation practitioner thru the Modern Mystery School. Sheena has been what you call a seeker in this life. One belief that she has is that sometimes the answer to what we are looking for lies within us. We just have to be brave enough to find it and listen. Sheena’s one passion in this life is to help empower and motivate individuals and give them the encouragement to help them get there power back. If you would like to get in contact for a healing session or more info Email Phone 763-843-1724.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” ~Alice Walker

Here is the necklace that Sheen’s girl spirit designed for her through Christie Umboh. You can find Christie at Holistic Arts.


The divine power in me There is a divine power seeking its expression in me, as me and through me. The instrument of divine power is my mind. Today, I believe in the divine power within me. I believe in the power of where I AM. I understand that this is a power of good and of God I realize the power flows through me at all times. Today, I accept the presence of divine power within me. Today, I believe he power is operating in all of my life’s affairs. Today, I acknowledge that there is a divine power instructing me in all that i do. Today, I affirm divine power as the active presence of joy and happiness in my life. Today. i deliberately turn from everything and everyone that denies the reality of divine power in me, as me and through me. Today, I know every atom, every cell, every tissue. every organ in my body is brought into divine health and harmony. Today, i know every shadow of doubt, worry and fear is dispelled as I Am quickened with divine power of the living spirit in me. Today, I Am graced with the presence of divine power. Today, I Am blessed with the love of divine power. Today, I Am strong in the glory of divine power. Today, I know I Am the instrument through which the divine power is working. Today, I affirm that the divine power within me now breathes newness into my being and every aspect of my life. I Am filled with good.I Am filled with light. I Am filled with faith. I Am filled with truth of my being, which is enduring dynamic, and divine.

Iyanla Vanzant Source: Every day i pray

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