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Why the %&*$ did I write a book?

I woke up yesterday and felt pretty terrified. In the background, I also felt more liberated and happy... but terrified.

I'm about to release my book to the world.

Not just a book where I'm teaching or sharing information, but vulnerable stories about MY life.

I started to wonder...

WHEN & WHY did I decide to write this book?????

And.... there was no answer because the truth is I had never decided to write this book.

The book simply wanted to be born and I came to a place where I could not deny it any longer.

I do have a desire for people to get something from it, of course. I want them to.... 1) feel like they aren't alone and 2) feel inspired to live their lives on purpose.

When I released my first podcast episode years ago, I felt this way too.

My words will be out there for people to connect to and/or judge.

And it's terrifying and liberating all at once.

That part of me that seeks comfort wishes I'd never create anything bigger than I had in the past. But of course, that part of me is smaller than the part of me that has committed to my greatness. That part of me that has promised to live my life with intention and purpose. That part of me that has vowed to honor and follow my wisdom within.

In my fear, I'm building my courage muscle for this new level of confidence.. just as I speak about in my book.

And it's fucking hard.

The book will be released very soon. Stay up to date on Instagram or Facebook.

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