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I Recently Discovered a Game Changer...

If you know me, you know that I’ve explored many things over the years related to healing - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

If you’ve heard of it, it’s likely I’ve tried it at least once. :)

There have been some things that have stood out to me over the years as being remarkable – some of them include the Life Activation Session (some of you have received this session from me), learning how to consciously connect to myself and others to not only have better communication but to actually learn how to integrate your healing work (which I teach in Foundations of Being) and some remarkably helpful systems that I intertwine in the School of Sovereignty.

And last year I discovered another game changer – Flower Remedies.

***BUT let me explain because when you take these remedies from a consultant, it’s NOT all created EQUAL.

I met a man last summer who worked with Bach Flower Remedies and I felt called to try them out.

I set up a session with him and he asked me a bunch of questions and he created a mixture of flowers that would be the best fit for me.

Many people have tried Bach Flower remedies before, some have bought them from the store, but they weren’t super effective, because they didn’t put together a mixture of flowers that work together to address the individual needs based on archetypes and specific wounds.

So I received my specific made remedies in a bottle and soon after taking them, I noticed a big difference in these things…

EMOTIONALLY – I felt like my emotions were way more regulated throughout the day. I felt more uplifted.

SOCIALLY – I felt as though my interactions with others were “smoother.” I felt as though handling conflict felt easier.

FOOD SENSITIVITIES IMPROVED — Before taking them, my food sensitivities had only gotten worse over the years. And I had done extreme detoxing with herbs and fruits, taken many supplements (as I still do), did ozone therapy(which did help my parasites!), followed chinese medicine doctor advice, among many other things and yet my food sensitivities were getting worse.

I preferred to eat healthy, but getting headaches, fatigue and sore throats from eating the “wrong” thing was definitely putting a kink in my lifestyle. I would have to plan meals and bring food with me, I couldn’t eat at many restaurants and I hated that if I ate the wrong thing - my next day might be ruined.

Anyone that relates to this can probably also relate to how others react to you if you have a limited diet. I often would be judged for being “picky,” or being on some “diet” or “cleanse” as though I had an eating disorder – when my intention was just to FEEL GOOD and not feel sick from what I ate.

So after taking the flower remedies – I could eat whatever I wanted.

Now, after 15 years of a mostly restricted diet, I let the pendulum swing in the other direction so to speak. I felt like I was able to explore being an average human.

I want to say that I still think eating healthy is important to me! I just don’t have to be neurotic about it now.

I FEEL better in my body and even after I had stopped taking them, I still felt better.

** I want to clarify that the flowers I took were not targeting any physical ailments, but it was through treating the emotional that I received relief. **


After I took remedies from Jose – Not only did he leave town, he was also not a safe person to work with.

So I explored working with others..

  1. The first woman’s mix helped a bit, I felt something.

  2. Then I decided to see another woman. That woman gave me another mix of flowers and I had an emotional crisis that month. Now, I’m an emotional person anyway, but I was feeling so emotional I was incapacitated laying in bed unable to do anything. When I shared this with her, she said I was experiencing a “healing crisis” and that I just needed to take more. I understand this is a common belief in the Bach Flower community, but I’m just not buying it. I personally think that’s an excuse for not quite getting the mix right.

  3. After that last experience, I was considering going back to Jose, but there was one more person in town that I wanted to see. This woman appeared to be really in her head when she was creating my mixture. I prayed and asked the angels to support her in making a mixture that was supportive for me. When I received it in my hand, my gut said that it wouldn’t be helpful for me. She told me to “trust” and I said I would. I took it and felt nothing. She told me it could take up to 6 months to feel the benefits.

How I found a BETTER option…

A few weeks later, my very psychic friend was visiting and staying with me. I grabbed the bottle and said, “hey, is this doing anything for me?”

“No, it's not even going into your energy field,” she said as her clairvoyance is pretty strong.

“I knew it!” I said.

“Well, what am I supposed to do? I’d like to take more of these, (as by this time I was processing a recent trauma) but I just want someone to give me the right mix,” I said.

“I just received 4 latin words,” she said referring to her spirit guides giving her the message from my spirit guides on what flowers to take.

So we looked up those Latin words online and found which flower remedies they were and then she asked her spirit guides how many of each remedy to put together. And while we were at it, we looked up what was best for her to take as well.

Crystal had been taking one bach flower remedy someone suggested for her, but ultimately didn’t notice a big difference.

I went to another local woman who had the flower essence on hand, and gave her the recipe for each of us to make. She gave us our bottles and we both started taking them.

Crystal noticed a huge difference in her emotional state. Like me, this girl has done MANY things over the years.

When I first suggested she take flower remedies when we first met up, she had said she was already taking so many other things each day that she didn’t want to take more, but after taking them – it was undeniable that they were helping.

I noticed a difference too. And Crystal had suggested that I put drops on my body to open up energy centers. Something none of the others had suggested.

I have been raving about flower remedies since last summer, but I didn't know who to refer people to and now, I have an answer – order them through Crystal and I.

  1. Order your unique flower remedy mixture here.

  2. Crystal will find out from your spirit guides exactly what would serve your highest good right now.

  3. She’ll tell me what you need and I’ll prepare a 2 months supply of remedies for you.

  4. If we are in close proximity, we can meet in person to receive your mix, otherwise, I can ship it out to you.

I'm in the US until the 22nd, so I can make mixes until the 21st, so if you want some, please order now so I can have enough time to prepare them.




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