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An effective system & community to grow together for the long haul.

Who is this for?

If after completing "Foundations" you get the sense that --- there is something to this and you want more...
If you want to know how to more deeply relate and integrate things to your everyday life.
If you understand unheathy patterns, but you actually want them to stop. 
If you know that your relationships could be better. 

If you are worried that you may screw up your current relationship. 
If you don't want to waste any more precious time. 

If you want to truly attract prosperity in your life, without lame mindset exercises and writing down your "why." 
If you want to unwind past baggage and liberate yourself. 
If you want to join a community that will continue to support you in the future. 

What is it? 

12 Weeks of Video Training (Lifetime Access)

12 - Group Connection Sessions 

Organized Partner Integration Sessions

Special-made flower essence formula throughout experience. 

Specific worksheets designed for your unique path (because no one in the world is just like you!)

Whatsapp voice note support throughout 

Group support

Bonus: Access to ongoing monthly trainings and support for anyone who has enrolled in the School of Sovereignt. Be part of the community to continue to connect with other community members for connection & integration sessions. -- MY VISION TO IS TO BUILD A NEW WAY OF "BEING" & GROWING IN COMMUNITY. 


Group calls on Zoom. 

The video platform has a specific ink with login details that you can access at any time. (Same platform as Foundations Training.)

Cost: $4,997



What does it include?


  • Lifetime Access to Video Training

  • 12 Group Integration Sessions

  • Organization of partnered Integration Sessions

  • Specific worksheets designed for your individual path (because no one in the world is just like you!)

  • Access to me through voice notes through Whatsapp. 

What happens in the group sessions? 

They are similar to our group sessions in foundations – focused on “being with what is” & working those “muscles” of sovereignty and integrating what’s alive for you related to your discoveries in the program.

What are the partner sessions like? 

Depending on what you are focused on integrating, I’ll partner you up (or you will choose someone) to do 30-minute - 60-minute connection sessions. When we have another person who is also practicing sovereignty, our ability to integrate and connect more deeply to ourselves increases.  to help you both integrate.

What are the flower remedies for? 


To help bring emotional balance to your life. A specific mix of flowers is created to support you. You’ll get new flower mixes mailed to you throughout the time you are in the school. They will be created specifically for you. Of all of the things I've tried over the years, these are a game changer!

How do I receive my flower remedies?


You’ll receive the new flower remedies in the mail as needed during your time in the program. 

What is included in the video training? 

You’ll be guided along your path to understanding your specific strengths and weaknesses using various systems and unique methods to integrate these parts of you. This method is called “Systems Integration.” Although systems are being used, the program is focused on strengthening your connection to your own inner wisdom, unique essence, and sovereignty. There is also detailed training to create and maintain more nourishing relationships in your life.


What if I don’t want to be part of the group?


There are 2 things here….


  1. Most people feel some sort of aversion to the group experience, so you are not alone. And the reason why i designed it like this is that it is an effective way to integrate, process, and expand. Most everyone feels excited about groups after the first group session, regardless of how much anxiety they felt going into it. 

  2. If you want 1:1 sessions with me, (with the option to join group sessions) then you can enroll in “Sovereign Expansion.” I only enroll 4 people in this package each year, so spots are limited. Reach out if you are interested in this. 


What is included in the video training?


You’ll be guided along your path to understanding your specific strengths and weaknesses using various systems and unique methods to integrate these parts of you. This method is called “Systems Integration.” Although systems are being used, the program is always in support of you strengthening your connection to your inner wisdom.


How long does it last?


It will last 12 weeks (with 1 week in the middle for a break) + as a bonus you’ll be part of the community moving forward. 

When is our group session? 

We will choose dates/times as a group.

What is the WhatsApp voice note support? 

Anything that you want to speak to me about, you can leave a message and I’ll respond through voice note. If you have a specific situation or issue -- this i where you can bring it up to get support. 

What happens after the School ends? 

As a bonus, you’ll remain in the community for continued connection, integration, celebration, and expansion.

What makes this program different than others? 

1. Most programs are biased towards certain wounds/ego strategies/attachment styles/archetypes – this one is specifically designed for your path using various systems.

2. Sovereignty & Integration! These 2 things are connected and they were missing on my path and I see them lacking in many programs and processes. 

3. Authenticity – space to share triggers and practice repairing. It's rare in programs and communities to have safe space to practice sharing impact and triggers. When we suppress these things, even if we think are containing it, it still hides in the background in our relationships. It weighs on us and it it often comes up unexpectedly later. This is a place to practice repairing and clearing so that you can show up with integrity and deepen your connections. 

4. Secure Attachment – Most work ends at some point, which is jarring to our attachment to have such a profound experience (with a coach or program) and then never see anyone again. This allows you to securely attach to me and the community for the long term if that feels right to you. We are in this together and we need each other to see ourselves and learn how to create a more stable foundation in life. 

What if I'm curious if this is right for me?

Anyone who wants to explore if this in alignment with them right now, I invite you to get on a cal with me and use conscious connection so we can discover what’s true for you.

Upcoming start times...

There are only specific times (2-3 times) during the year that I'm going to offer this program. 

March 2024 -  (3 of 4 spots currently available)

September 2024

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