Ready to get high on sound vibes? 

Being someone that has had severe anxiety for most of my life, I know it can be hard to really let go.  I also know how important it is to 'let go'. Sound healing has been a secret weapon for me when it comes to getting out of 'my head' and feeling more grounded. So much so that I was like... "I gotta get me some of those crystal singing bowls"- so I did. 

What people can expect from a sound healing session is to feel relaxed... really relaxed. Sometimes people have trippy experiences with images, colors, and energy movement in the body.  After the session, people often say they feel relxed AND energized. 

Although sometimes called a 'sound bath,' it's not actually in water and you keep your clothes on. All you have to do to receive is to get comfortable either sitting or laying down. 

Private Session: If you want me to come to your home, work, or event for some relaxing healing vibes for a group, send a message to and lemme know who, what, where, when and I'll get back to you. 

Monthly Sessions: 

Adult Nap Time wth Singing Bowls -- 80 minutes of laying down and taking in the vibes. Sleeping is encouraged. When is the next session? 

" ...snapshot from the coolest thing that happened to me this weekend. I WENT TO A SOUND BATH. Yes. Intuitive soundscapes are created by giant singing bowls that activate your chakras and awaken energies and just all together bliss you out like nothing else. 'twas incredible. And you should do it if your in the twin cities. She has one coming up next month!!! Get on it!!"

 - Caitlin Gottschalk  CTG Yoga  

Salt Cave Sound Healing -- 45 minutes of sound healing in a room made of himalayan sea salt. Take in the vibes of the bowls and breath in the salty air. So many benefits at once. When is the next session?

Breakthrough Session

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