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4-5 hours a week to start (+ more hours for additional projects that may come up.)

Check notifications in facebook and invite all “likes” of post to like my page. 

Check DMs on IG and FB and respond accordingly. 


Put facebook stats into a spreadsheet. 

Edit Marketing copy put into…. 

Activecampaign and schedule an email (2 a week)


Facebook group 


Active Campaign: 

Monitor what email campaigns have done the best and ad them into the first 10  days of emails of new sign ups. 

Resend old emails that went unopened. 


Instagram: (Goal of having 2+ calls with me a week from IG)

Organize and Implement posts

Engage with comments

Send my book link to people. 


Monitor Facebook Groups: (Goal of having 2+ calls with me a week from groups)

Engage with comments

Delete posts from members that aren’t relevant. 

Make sure monthly training is scheduled. 

Schedule FB Lives or Streamyard events each week. 


A couple hours a month, I’ll want to external process with my VA so I need someone that is grounded and has space to reflect things back to me.

Looking for someone detailed oriented, task-focused, and flexible to hold me accountable with my marketing efforts and get things done each week. 

Think you got what it takes? 

Email and tell me 1) Why are you great for this job? 2) What relevant experience do you have?

3) Extra credit: What do you think your enneagram type is?

If I feel like there is something to explore, I'll reach out to set up a time to chat and see if we actually are a fit. 

I look forward to meeting you!