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Stories of Feeling Lost, Overcoming Anxiety & Discovering Inner Wisdom

Ever wake up and realize you’ve been living a life based on “shoulds” & other people’s expectations? 


Although from the outside Janelle’s young professional life looked great, she felt suffocated. She lived with anxiety most days and was confused about what she was supposed to do next with her grown-up life. 


After one night of seeing this false life flash before her, she knew she had to start a new chapter. She broke up with her boyfriend, escaped her 9 to 5, and moved to Spain, where she didn’t speak the language and didn’t know anyone. Two years later, she unexpectedly found herself back in the United States. This time, though, she lacked the certainty that filled her when she left. She was more depressed, anxious, and confused than ever before.


She questioned everything about who she was and what she was meant to be doing. For the first time, she had an inkling that maybe, she was meant for something great. Maybe she had a greater purpose in life. She started to see that she had an inner compass to guide her along the way, she just had to listen and trust.  

Told with honesty and humor, Janelle’s stories are for anyone that struggles with feeling lost, or unworthy and yearns for a life with more meaning and purpose. Courage to Find Purpose is relatable, inspiring, and ultimately will speak to that part of your soul that needs to hear these messages.

Who it's for?

You’re a seeker. 

You feel like there’s more to life. 

You’re ready to spread your wings. 

You’re anxious. 

You’re depressed. 

You’re feeling stuck. 

You know you have gifts that aren’t realized. 

You know you have feelings that aren’t being expressed.

You’re ready to embrace your purpose. 

You feel too much. 

You’re intuitive. 

You want to be intuitive.

You’re curious about your superpowers.

You’re ready to go down the rabbit hole. 

You’re ready for transformation. 

You’re ready to step outside your comfort zone.

You’re overwhelmed. 

You’re tapped out. 

You know you have a unique purpose. 

You’re ready to live life with purpose. 

You’re craving freedom. 

You’re ready to step into your power like a total badass.

This probably is NOT for you if...

You've never done transformational work or if you don't have any curiosity about it in this moment.


Although not a self-help book, the stories are about transformation and you may not really GET it. 

Janelle Klander is an author, coach, healer, and podcast host who has followed her curiosity and intuition away from mainstream advice on mental illness and living life while simultaneously becoming determined with finding purpose. She now uses her effective approach to guide seekers to overcome stuckness and become aligned with who they were meant to be. 

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