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Want to work with me in the flesh? 

I mostly spend my time in Minneapolis, so these sessions take place in the city. (If you are not close to Minneapolis, shoot me a message and I'll let you know a distant option.) 




Energy healing has changed my life.  

When nothing else touched my depression and anxiety - energetic work made a difference. And I 'tried' so many things. I was curious, yet skeptical. 


People ask me how I got into this. It's because it worked and I want to help others. 


Because at that time, I didn't have hope that I would ever feel great. I didn't think I'd ever feel purpose or direction in life. 


My life wasn't 'bad' from the outside, but that was the problem. We judge things from an external place. When we are ALL craving connection. 


You are like me... I know it. No matter what problem you may say, what is underneath that is... Craving a deeper connection to yourself, a deeper connection to others, and a deeper connection to your purpose. 


Energy healing balances, connects, and removes what is getting in the way.

I feel confident in the variety of methods I have learned to guide you on your journey to be more YOU in your life. 

But first, are you ready to make you a PRIORITY?

(You may not feel 'READY' because we never really feel ready for transformation because our mind freaks out about the potential change and tells us danger!)


But are you ready to make you 'number 1' in your life? Because MOST people don't put themselves first. 


Here is how many people don't put themselves first.


* Live in denial of what's actually going on for them. 

* Easily get distracted away from intentions, desires and goals. 

* Will spend money on clothes, Amazon shopping spree, drinking, eating out, BUT not on their internal world. 

* Constantly put others needs first.

* Focusing on other people's problems, seeing exactly what THEY need to do to change. 


If you aren't ready to make YOU a priority, then we just aren't a fit to work together.  (Listen to my podcast and let me know if or when that changes.)


I have very limited spaces to work together. I'm not just saying that. I really do, so we both need to feel it's in alignment right now to move forward.


What does it look like to do deep healing with me? 

We'll meet 3 times a month for at least 3 months. I'll also give you some things to do outside of sessions and may check in via text or email. 

Investment: $500/month (paid monthly)

What will we do during YOUR sessions? 

Expect some amazing, weird shit. Because let's be honest, this stuff can be weird. And not in a judgmental way, in the way that it's not what anyone has experienced before. 


Each person is different and the sessions and order I do them in are going to be different each time, but here is a list of some sessions I do. 

What is the goal of the deep healing work? 

*Activate your spiritual DNA

*Gain clarity on your purpose

*Create more momentum with your mission

*Connect you further to your higherself

*Heal past trauma

*Clear away toxic negative emotional cords 

*Strengthen energy field 

Are you into this? Let's chat to see if we are a good fit. 

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