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Episode 14: Language: Is Yours Empowering or Disempowering?

Let’s talk about language. Does what you say empower you? Or does it disempower you?

The words you say each and every day create your reality. They either make empower us to achieve our goals?. Or they become obstacles to those goals. What is your language doing for you?

Here is an example:

If I’m constantly telling myself what I ‘should’ be doing…. what I am really implying? ‘Should’ is a word that we use for something that we really don’t want to do

, but we feel guilty about it. So when you use it, you probably don’t feel that great when it comes out of your mouth. It’s like you already feel like a failure.

And what about when people tell you what you ‘should’ be doing. That doesn’t feel good either, does it? No one knows your path but you.

The word – Try

And how often do you use the word ‘try’? If your friend asks you if you are going to their performance and you tell them that you’ll ‘try’ to make it. It doesn’t sound like you actually want to go, does it? Try is a pretty disempowering word. We so often use it with our goals too!

Here is an example:

“I’m going to ‘try’ to work out more.”

Does it actually sound like I want to work out? No. I

And on top of that, maybe I’ll go into victim mode tell the world, “I’m bad at working out.”

Uh no. I actually just didn’t want, to so I didn’t. And now I’m going to create a story of being a victim, saying how bad I am at it.

And what if you DO want to work out more. Change your language.

“I’m going to work out 10 times this month.”

Now that feels more empowering. You have already put things in motion to work out more.

My friend Peter Loeffler and I chat all about these words and more in the this weeks episode. Have a listen below.

And lastly, here is Day 1 one of my rice experiment from Dr. Emoto.

Watch the rest of the videos here and subscribe to my youtube channel.

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