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Ep 38: Kundalini Yoga with Nicole Nardone

Nicole Nardone is a kundalini yoga & meditation teacher, a sacred space holder, and cosmic creatress living in Minneapolis. She gives classes & workshops (in person and virtually), designs mystical ecourses, leads epic retreats, and works privately with those willing to wade (or jump) into the deep end. Her work blends ancient spiritual traditions with modern living. She is fiery and loving, divinely guided, and is interested in redefining sacredness. She believes in using the full capacity and range of the human experience as a powerful path to waking up. It’s just way more fun. When she isn’t “working”, she slips away into the woods or water to commune with the earth, sky, and all the magical, mystical beings that have brought her here, who have brought all of us here. To learn more, visit

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