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Ep 31: Living with Purpose with Neda Renee

Do you ever go to an event because you know you’ll meet someone special? Neda Renee was that special person I met at the Polo Classic last August.

We found out we had alot in common with our mission in life as the desire to inspire and change lives. That kinda cool stuff. So I knew I had to have Neda share some of her wisdom with the Warrior Tribe.

Living Life with Purpose & The Ups and Downs of Being an Entrepreneur

Neda did things that didn’t align with her purpose. She had jobs that were ok. Until…. that just didn’t cut it anymore. She had to do what her soul wanted. Can you relate?

Hear what’s she’s got to say about it in this episode.

Neda Renee is an award winning Vision Coach known for her interactive, revealing, educational workshops and presentations which leave everyone inspired, uplifted and transformed.

Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Neda Renee has more than 20 years of experience #ChangingLivesTheVillageWay through successfully connecting girls and individual clients to their destinies. She focuses extensively on young girls and women.

Her niche is creating self-development sessions for pre-teens,teens and women guiding them to find their purpose though vision board workshops, one-on-one experiences and vision coaching services in seven key growth areas.

Neda Renee is one of the most sought after speakers at elementary, high school, colleges and universities. Grab Hold of Your Vision and Give her a Call! Become Successfully Connected TODAY! 320.634.NEDA or visit her website

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